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Kimberly worked her way up over 10 years from a part-time receptionist at a small law firm to a full-time paralegal to a law firm operational specialist to Chief of Staff for a bay area tech startup based in the Silicon Valley. During this time she was also a full-time Executive and Personal Assistant to her attorneys and C-Suite teams, supporting up to 8 executives at a time. 


During her last few years working as Chief of Staff, The Executive Solution began to form. She worked 12+hours a day at her day job then came home and worked additional hours building her business from the ground up, growing her virtual client base, and refining her operations.


Now The Executive Solution is a premier female-founded and female ran agency supporting some of the biggest executives, founders, and multi-million dollar businesses in the country. 


In her spare time, Kimberly plays lacrosse with United World Games for Team USA, her hometown team, The Golden Gate Sea Lions, and President of her local youth and high-school girls lacrosse program. She also is an avid reader and philanthropist working hard to launch her own non-profit supporting youth access to after-school activities including sports, science, music, and art. 


Come say hello today! Kimberly offers mentorship opportunities to starting out remote business entrepreneurs and first-time VAs. 


Hobbies: Lacrosse, reading, writing, working out, baking, rescuing animals!

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